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Back in the Competition Game!

Competition is awesome because you get to see your game and your moves at the fullest and in its rawest form. You’re going against a person you never met. Their style, game and everything may be foreign to you but you get to see your technique shine or even fail. Both are important pieces to add in developing your game which I talked about last blog.

If you win, you get that opportunity for moves and techniques to come natural to you in a live situation, especially against someone who’s skill maybe equal or better than you. If you lose, you learn. Maybe you lost because you missed a small detail, off timing or it might be all mental. You might’ve had problems committing to a move. A lot of these questions can be answered during a competition.

I had my first BJJ competition at white belt and Novice No Gi. Like the beginning of my Jiu Jitsu journey, my first competition was very much like that. I was super nervous and very intimidated. I saw kids younger than me at the time, roll like true BJJ practitioners. Made me feel as if all my progress was just quick excitement of adapting to something new so quick. I even saw some gentlemen who were old enough to be my dad roll in some divisions. I must admit, my first time competing, I think I might’ve second guessed my own skills and siked myself out a little bit and maybe… I wasn’t even ready. Fact of the matter is I would’ve never progressed had this never happened.

When training for competition, you can’t think too much about how your opponent is training and working out. All you need to concern yourself with is doing more than your opponent. This is all part of the mental strength you need to have in any competition. Physical attribution is always necessary however, if you can’t apply it then there’s no use for it. The reason in this particular blog I’m not speaking too much about the physical necessities one should have especially for competition is because that’s a given. You know you need to have the cardiovascular and muscle endurance to last 5-10 minutes straight rolling. You also need strength and power to be able fight with a larger or stronger opponent. They may end up sitting right on top of you. But aside from the obvious, what some people fail to train is the mental attribute.

The mental attribute consist of self confidence, commitment, the will, the drive, dedication and most importantly the “mind over matter”. You need to find the will power, that inner strength for just when you think you can’t and when your body says it won’t, you dig deep! You dig so deep to where you do. That strength only comes from belief and that self confidence you only get from your mind. If you can’t incorporate that workout into your routine, then you already lost at LEAST 80% of the fight. Heck, some would even say 90%! You can be strong and have all the moves in the book but if things don’t happen to go your way, you panic and forget all your moves…then what else? You have to be mentally strong. That comes with controlling your emotions, performing under all sorts of pressure, be able and wanting to do what others can’t or won’t. Your opponent, they made sacrifices. Think about the “normal” life top athletes want to have but can’t because they know in order to always perform top level, they always need to be top ready! They’re hungry, I’m hungry. Welcome to the world of competition.

Up coming East Coast Competition (NYC and NJ area):

July 20th : Grapplers Quest- Morristown, New Jersey

July 27th: The Good Fight- St. James, New York

August 18th: NJBJJF Classic- Cliffwood, New Jersey


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